Our Speciality

Bradford House Publishing specialises in the publishing of books, whether an eBook, or print book, as well as specialising in website design and development that uses the latest design and development techniques. Whether it be a landing page or WordPress website that incorporates blogs, Google Analytics, SEO and social media links, the highest quality and standards are incorporated in bringing a book to publication, as well as providing the author with the tools needed to market their book successfully.

What makes us different?sq_pen_and_ink

Bradford House Publishing employs specialists in the field of editing, formatting, and cover design, thereby providing our authors with books produced to the highest quality and industry standards. In relation to website design and development, we excel, providing authors with responsive websites tailored to meet every author’s needs, and providing ongoing maintenance if required.

rect_pen_and_inkCombining the Best of Publishing and Digital Design

There is no other business like us, and this makes our business unique. There are businesses out there that help you publish your book, get it onto the sales channels and build you a simple webpage or website. Then there are other businesses that don’t offer any publishing services at all, but charge you just as much for a website that is usually of higher quality, but ultimately disconnected from you and your books.

We are the best of both worlds. At Bradford House Publishing we help you find your niche, help you build your brand, build a digital platform that embodies your brand and is built to stand the test of time. We do all this while producing your book in all the popular formats – eBooks for a range of devices and paperback print. During the production of your book, we offer all the standard services – editing, book cover design, interior design – it is totally up to you, and we are completely flexible. We are a self-publishing service after all, and we are at your service. It is your book, your vision, and with us, it is your project. You are in control with a complete team of professionals standing behind you.

rect_bookcaseA complete system of support to help you succeed

It is because we are experts in publishing and web development that we can provide a complete system of support for our authors. What separates us from the rest is that not only can we guide the author through the entire publishing process, but we continue working with and guiding the author long after their book has been published, as we continue supporting them in the use of their Digital Author Platform.

Author’s aren’t just guided through the publishing process. We help maintain and train the author in the use of their Digital Platform. At Bradford House Publishing, the author becomes an integral part of our team –  as such they are treated with the same transparency we give each other.