Digital Packages

Our digital packages are designed to get you up and running with a Web platform. This service is perfectly suited for those who have already published books, and need to solidify their online presence.

Perhaps you haven’t yet written a book, but you’re not sure whether you want to put the time into writing it. What if no one likes what you’re thinking about? We also offer a full suite of web services for those who are interested in getting a platform up and running, who aren’t necessarily interested in having a book published. Our Blog platforms will be perfect for this situation.

Basic Platform

To market your book, you’ll need a Landing Page to do so, for the Landing Page will have links to social media, and to online bookstores. You will be able to direct potential customers to your Landing Page.
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Personal Blog

As an author, you may well be interested in writing blogs about your book, or on topics and matters related to your book. You may have more than one book you wish to talk about too. A blogging website is ideal for this need. Readers can comment on your blogs,
or just contact you for a chat. Blogging sites are linked to social media and are also linked to online bookstores.
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Custom Solution

Custom packages suit the needs of authors with specific requirements. Thay may wish for animation,
or some other tailored requirement. If you are an author with specific requirements, we can discuss those requirements with you, and tailor a package to suit and meet those requirements.
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