Publishing Packages

Our publishing arm has everything you need to take your new idea from manuscript to fully produced book, with a custom book cover and professional interior formatting. The quality of your book will match the quality produced by the very best.

Also in our publishing packages is a full suite of editing services that ensures your writing flows in the best way possible.


Many authors opt for an eBook only, and couple it with a Landing Page. If this is your requirement, the Entry Level package is for you.
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Standard Print Publishing

Many readers like to hold a book in their hands while they read it, and place the book in their library after reading it. Authors wishing to fill such needs, will find the Standard Print Publishing package will suit their needs. A website comes with it too.
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Authors interested in publishing their book as an eBook and printed book, as well as having a custom designed fully responsive website that allows for blogging and interaction with readers, will find this package suitable for them.
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