Bradford House Publishing is a full service provider of book publishing and website design and development services. We work with our authors ensuring their needs are met, delivering timely solutions of the highest quality and standard.

Print Publishing

Print publishing is still the backbone of the publishing industry. Many readers like to hold a physical book in their hand, and place it in their library. A book can be printed in soft or hard cover with a jacket which allows for a summary of the book to be written on the inside. Alternatively, using a soft cover, the summary can be placed on the back cover, along with other pertinent information. The cover design sets a book off, and draws a potential reader to it, as does the title. Presentation is key, and at Bradford House Publishing, we work closely with the author to ensure their book is produced to the highest standard and quality, then place the book in worldwide online bookstores, thus making the author’s book available for purchase to a worldwide audience.
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Digital Publishing

There is no disputing the digital age is upon us, and the publishing industry has embraced it, for if not, publishers would have been left behind long ago. Producing an eBook compliments the printed book, is vastly cheaper, and can be downloaded from online bookstores at the press of a button, eliminating shipping costs. The eBook is a viable alternative for readers who prefer a digital copy, rather than purchasing a hard copy of a book, and waiting for weeks for it to arrive if they live in a country other than the source country where the book has been published. At Bradford House Publishing, we are able to produce eBooks for all major online bookstores.
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Without doubt, employing the services of an editor to edit your book is a must for the author who wishes to release their book to the public that is of the highest quality. Readers may put a book down and stop reading it if it has not been edited, and the savvy author is aware of this. Bradford House Publishing offers copy editing, proofreading and manuscript assessment at competitive rates, with editing being offered in US or UK English format. As the US market is the largest market, most authors opt for US spelling using Chicago style referencing. The wise author will have their manuscript professionally edited, so as to leave no stone unturned.
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Author Platforms

Marketing has always been the key to success, regardless of the industry. Traditional publishers set aside a budget for marketing books to the public, and employ staff who approach bookstore owners in order to have a book placed on the shelf of a bookstore. Most authors who wish to publish their first book are rejected by traditional publishers who are simply unwilling to take the risk that a new author’s book will sell successfully. To this end, authors today require an author platform where they can market their book to potential readers. At Bradford House Publishing, we excel in the area of author platforms, providing a range of platforms to suit every author’s need, and we work closely with the author to ensure the platform meets the highest standard and quality. Should the author require marketing services, we can assist the author by directing them to professional marketing services at competitive rates.
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Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve published with a self-publisher before, our services can cover everything you need.

Our Packages

Publishing Packages

Bradford House Publishing offers packages to suit an author’s need. Whether it be a soft or hard cover book formatted to the highest standard and quality with a cover design to capture the potential reader’s eye, we are specialists in this field. If an author only requires a printed book, consider it done at a competitive cost, and become a published author, making your dreams a reality. Should an author also wish for an author platform, we meet this need.
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Digital Packages

As an author, you may only wish to have a digital version of your book placed in online bookstores. If this is the case, Bradford House Publishing will meet this need. Our packages cater for digital versions of eBooks in all formats, so that they can be placed in any online bookstore, ensuring your book receives worldwide distribution to a worldwide audience. Producing an eBook is cost effective, and within the budget of an author who may not have thousands of dollars to spend, but who wishes to have their book made available in online bookstores. If an author also wants an author platform, we also cater for this need.
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