Bradford House Publishing provides a full suite of digital publishing services, and author platforms designed to meet the individual requirements of the authors we publish. We are at the forefront of digital publishing and website design and development.


Bradford House Publishing is a full service provider of print and digital publishing, editing services, author platform design and development, and content management systems should they be required, making your literary journey enjoyable and easy.

Print Publishing

Bradford House Publishing offers both black & white, and full colour printing services, available in softcover or hardcover. We offer professional editing services, cover design, and print formatting for all books, whether they be colour cookbooks, children's books, memoirs which also include photographs, the novel or non-fiction book. We offer the print publishing service you need for a truly customised self-publishing experience.

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Digital Publishing

In today’s publishing environment, authors can also choose to publish their book as an eBook at a far lower price to the potential reader than a printed book. The eBook can be downloaded immediately from any online bookstore, and there are no shipping costs added to the retail price of the book, considered to be a definite advantage in the publishing world. EBooks are a cost effective way of getting an author’s book in front of the public’s eye, thus adding to the tools an author has at their disposal.

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Author Platforms

For most authors, the days are gone where they will be picked up by a traditional publisher who markets their book for them. Consequently, authors now need to be focused on the marketing of their book after it has been published. To this end, Bradford House Publishing supports the author by offering professionally designed author platforms that will meet an author’s every need, allowing them to promote their book through their website, whether it be static or dynamic, and sell it through links on the website to online booksellers, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Editing Services

It goes without saying that an author’s manuscript should be edited so that the book is without error, leading to an engaging and enjoyable reading experience. Bradford House Publishing outsources editing to Australia’s leading editing and proofreading company at competitive rates. No barriers are placed between the editor and author, and this allows for regular contact between the editor and author, should this be required. Should, however, the author prefer to choose their own editor, they may do so, and then submit their edited manuscript to us, and we will then prepare the edited manuscript for printing.

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There are authors who just wish to have their book published so they can give copies to family members, as it may be a memoir, or autobiography. Others who are publishing their first novel, or non-fiction book, and wish to market it extensively, may decide on a landing page, or desire a blogging website, while authors who have published many books may require a content management system with which they have full control over their website and books.

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Publishing Packages

The publishing packages offered by Bradford House Publishing include publishing an author’s book as an eBook, or as a print book in soft or hard cover, or both as an eBook and printed book. Each format is assigned its own ISBN, is catalogued with the National Library of Australia (CiP), copies of the book are lodged with the National Library book depository and the Victorian Library book depository, registered with Books in Print, and placed in online bookstores such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble for worldwide distribution. All packages include an editing option, internal formatting choice, and cover design choice, giving authors full control over their work.

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Digital Packages

Our digital packages expand our publishing services with the production of web platforms, social media integrations, landing pages, online content strategy, website maintenance and more. These are flexible additions that accompany any publishing package and marketing plan that suits the author, but can be purchased separately if desired. Maybe you already have a book and want to increase your marketing efforts online – our digital packages can help.

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Benefits of working with us

At Bradford House Publishing, the author retains full rights of ownership over their work and production files. Unlike many other self-publishing businesses, we offer top of the line websites that complement the author's book, allowing them to embark on partial or full marketing plans, depending on whether the author wishes for a landing page only, or a full blown blogging website. Bradford House Publishing retains no part of an author's royalty, passing the profits earned on the sale of an author's book onto the author in full. Bradford House Publishing is a non-exclusive publisher, meaning the author can submit their book to traditional publishers and agents after it has been published by Bradford House Publishing should they desire to, with no strings attached from Bradford House Publishing because the author owns all rights to their work. At Bradford House Publishing we support authors from the time the contract is signed through to ongoing website maintenance and support, should it be required.

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