Month: July 2017

Marketing Tips for Self-Published Authors

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It almost goes without saying today, that should an author wish to be successful, they need to spend time, effort, and money marketing themselves and their book. The road to success requires the author to be proactive.

Choosing to Self-Publish

Authors are taking more control over their future by choosing to self-publish rather than wait for a traditional publisher to accept their manuscript. Certain factors need to be considered by the author who chooses the self-publishing road, and they are discussed below.

5 Reasons for Attending a Writer’s Workshop

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It is true that you will have to fork out some money to attend a Writer’s Workshop, but the benefits far outweigh the cost. Workshops provide a venue where writers can meet each other, where writers can talk to editors and agents, and where information and knowledge is shared. To attend a Writer’s Workshop can never be a wrong move. Anyone who has been to one will tell you how much the workshop energised them.