About Bradford House Publishing

Bradford House Publishing is an Australian publisher located in the city of Melbourne, in the state of Victoria, created to meet the needs of authors in a fast moving industry. Focusing on the digital aspects of publishing, we publish eBooks, along with traditional print books, and create top of the line landing pages and websites for authors, providing them with the means of marketing their book(s) to the public.

sq_glasses_and_bookWe live and breathe digital

We recognise that publishing has moved into the digital age. In doing so, we live and breathe digital, not only on the publishing side with the publishing of eBooks, but also in the technical area associated with website design and development, structuring websites using WordPress with full social media integration, links to online bookstores, Google Analytics and SEO if required. Our packages can be consulted for author evaluation and pricing.

Bradford House Publishing is a leading edge publisher at the forefront of the publishing industry.

sq_pen_and_lidBuilding successful platforms for our clients is our passion

With the advent of self-publishing services, the author now has a choice between having their book published traditionally or whether to engage a self-publishing business to do it for them in a time frame that doesn’t take up to two years, but rather, within months. By choosing the self-publishing road over the traditional publishing path, an author’s book can be found online quickly and easily, and the author no longer has to compete for shelf space at bookstores. However, in saying this, the author needs an author platform in the fast moving world of publishing, so they can get their book in front of the public’s eye. At Bradford House Publishing, we recognise this need, and have a passion for assisting authors to succeed by designing and developing top of the line landing pages, or full blown websites. Without a landing page or website, the author has virtually no way of marketing their book to the public after publishing it.