Vision & Mission

At Bradford House Publishing, our goal is to bring the world of self-publishing to the author’s doorstep, thereby turning dreams into reality. This is our vision, to be a pioneer in an evolving industry through the provision of professional services to authors with a mission to provide modern and innovative solutions that adapt to any environment by simplifying the self-publishing process and by designing and developing first class author platforms.

Our Vision

Pen and ink
Our vision is to empower the author through pioneering author solutions in an evolving industry.

Modern Publishing for a Modern World

The world of publishing is changing. It is no longer about getting your books into a bookstore. As we continue further into the digital age, more and more people are making use of their devices to interface with the world. Whether they are using the internet to find information, communicate with their friends with social media, or read a good book on an e-book reader, the world of today is heavily focused on digital technologies.


Leveraging the Digital Space in a new world of Publishing

Our primary purpose at Bradford House Publishing is to make this digital world easy to understand and easy to make use of. We aid the author through all the steps in the self-publishing process – from book and website design to distribution and website maintenance services.

Give the author all the tools necessary for success

It’s not just about producing a book or a website. It is about giving the author all the tools that they need to succeed. We don’t just build websites – we build integrated platforms that become central to the author’s marketing efforts. These platforms allow the author to focus on building their audience and help spread the word about their book(s) in a relatively simple manner.

We are here every step of the way. After your new platform is built or upgraded, we provide full training materials that help you use all the tools available to create the best possible chances for success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide modern and innovative author solutions that adapt to any environment.

Demystifying Self-Publishing

The world of Self-Publishing can feel like travelling in murky waters. We are here to help demystify the process. It can feel very daunting setting out as an author for the first time, with no idea about any of the processes involved. The research can take a long time, and at the end of the day you can still be left with several choices – all which sound good, but you just can’t decide which is best.


Modernise and Streamline the process

We are a self-publishing business that works together with our authors to build their brand and their digital platform. We also take care of the entire publishing process on the author’s behalf. It’s not just about producing a book and being done with it – the journey of the author is long and challenging, filled with lessons to be learned. At Bradford House Publishing, the author becomes part of our team, and together we create a solution tailored perfectly to the author’s needs.

Being an author is like running a miniature business. There is the product, which is your book. Then there is marketing, sales and engagement. This is what your author platform is built for. For any business to be successful, the people involved must have access to a strong support base. We are that support base for our authors, as we strive to modernise and streamline the process of self-publishing.

Remove the hassle of self-publishing

Once upon a time, an author who wanted to self-publish would have to handle everything themselves. They would have to find their own printing company, set up their own distribution channels, sell their own books to their local communities and their local bookstores. Before the world of the Internet, they would even have to produce their own marketing materials to help spread the word. It was an incredible challenge to pull off, and there are many self-publishing success stories to be found.. You don’t have to put up with constant rejections from the big publishers – you can start making a name for yourself today by self-publishing.

Modern self-publishing is different now to days gone by. There are now many companies and businesses offering services that help the author along the path to publishing their own book. These businesses range from “do-it-yourself” type solutions to full blown service offerings from self-publishing and vanity-publishing companies. The aspiring author may still feel overwhelmed, but for a totally different reason than before.

Our mission is to simplify all this.