Becoming a Self-Publishing Success

Books and Flowers self-publishingMany authors hope to sell a lot of their books and reap the royalties. If the author chooses to go down the traditional publishing route, it may not cost them anything to have their book published, but they have to enter exclusive contracts where they sign away their rights and are lucky to receive 10% in royalties. On the other hand, if an author chooses to self-publish, they enter non-exclusive contracts, retain their rights, and receive upwards of 70% in royalty payments. There are many authors who have become a self-publishing success.

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The publishing playing field has changed. This change has seen entrepreneurs turn to self-publishing to promote their companies by printing an ebook, which is not costly, and a print book if they feel it is appropriate. Entrepreneurs can get their message out to the public relatively easily these days simply by following these tips:

  1. Settle on an engaging topic. Rather than recap their blog posts or marketing material, they can demonstrate their expertise in a distinctive, engaging way. There is no need to get too theoretical or technical unless speaking about a specific niche. A book that talks about the history and growth of the company the entrepreneur has established, along with what its aims, objectives, and future plans are, may be well received by readers who have used the company’s services and products.
  2. Learn what is involved in self-publishing. Mistakes can be easily made by not knowing the ins and outs of self-publishing a book. An ISBN must be obtained at the outset. The manuscript must be formatted using InDesign. A cover designer must be sought. Also, it is most important the manuscript be edited.
  3. Budget. It costs money to print a book, and using Print on Demand services, such as Lightning Source, is preferable. This way, one book can be printed if need be, or thousands can be printed. Costs are tailored to the number of books printed. Editing and design costs also need to be factored in as one-off costs that need to be recouped through ongoing sales of the book.
  4. Establish a marketing strategy. This is crucial to reach the desired audience. A landing page or blogging website is necessary for successful marketing. Links to social media are absolutely necessary today. Nothing sells without a continued marketing effort, and entrepreneurs who choose to self-publish their work are fully aware of this.
  5. Choose a publisher. There are a number of ways to self-publish a book today.  An entrepreneur can choose to do it themselves, which means they will need to obtain their own ISBN, find an editor, and designers for the interior and cover, as well as find a distributor and a printing company. Alternatively, they can choose a self-publishing company, such as ours, who will take care of what is required to publish their book while they get on with other business tasks. Gareth Feighery is an entrepreneur who wrote Secrets of Explosive Stock Market Profits and became a self-publishing success.