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Well Structured Stories

Well structured stories engage the reader and keep them interested. Well paced stories have a good hook, an inciting event, a key event, and well-defined plot lines.

5 Reasons for Attending a Writer’s Workshop

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It is true that you will have to fork out some money to attend a Writer’s Workshop, but the benefits far outweigh the cost. Workshops provide a venue where writers can meet each other, where writers can talk to editors and agents, and where information and knowledge is shared. To attend a Writer’s Workshop can never be a wrong move. Anyone who has been to one will tell you how much the workshop energised them.

6 Ways to Deal with Writer’s Block

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For an author, writer’s block can and does put a halt to inspiration that can result in frustration, and a sense of unease. When experiencing writer’s block, many an author asks themselves what to do.