Engaging the Reader

There is an art to engaging the reader so that they won’t want to put your book down. People read fiction for a variety of reasons. Authors appreciate that the choice of words matters when describing an event or a character. Engaging the senses of the reader will make them more attentive, and the way an author does this is unique to their writing style. A good author will engage their reader to such an extent, the reader will forget where they are.

A gripping story will capture the reader’s interest from the word go. The opening chapter is crucial in doing this. Readers like to be sucked in, and the author who understands this will focus on their opening chapters to engage their reader in such a way that the reader wants to keep reading to find out what will happen next.

The following short video by Nalo Hopkinson is titled: How to Write Descriptively. It’s worth having a listen to.