Dale Baxter

There is still plenty of mystery about the universe. Humans give meaning to it, and there are two opposing views; that the universe was an accident, a random event, or that the universe was designed and created accordingly. Is there a reason for the universe? Are humans as much a part of the universe as the universe is a part of every human, making humans Universal Beings.

There are quantum physicists who argue that consciousness is a field, and that matter manifests from this field. Can the mind control matter? What is the highest state of consciousness a human can reach? What would life on the planet be like if every human reached the highest state of consciousness possible? How do states of consciousness affect the body?

That there are higher dimensions is accepted by Hindus and Buddhists, along with many others. This is where the devas and other gods reside. Our higher-self resides in a higher dimension. Higher dimensions are higher in vibration than the dimension of the universe we perceive, thus lie beyond our perception.

Take a journey into the universe, into the mind, into higher dimensions, in Universal Beings.