Author Websites

Bradford House Publishing’s Author Service comes standard with all of our Digital Packages. Our author websites can be anything from a simple interactive landing page for one of your books, to a fully-featured digital hub for you and all of your digital marketing needs. We are flexible – whether you have a small or large budget.

What you get with our Author Platforms

Landing Page

The landing page is ideal for first-time authors, or authors on a limited budget. Our landing pages are responsive, allowing users of mobile phones, iPads and other tablets to access the page in a manner that is conducive to their device. Basic landing pages include an image of the cover of the book, an author biography, a synopsis of the book, as well as links to online bookstores and social media. A landing page is a tool that helps the author to market their book to the public.

Blogging Website

Our websites are designed and developed using WordPress, and each website is tailored to meet the author’s needs. All websites we design are responsive, and as a minimum include blogging capabilities, an image of the cover of the book, an author biography, and synopsis of the book. However, an author may have book reviews they wish to include, or a gallery of their books if they have published more than one book. They may wish to have an events page, a forum, and may even desire animation. Links to online bookstores, social media, Google Analytics, and SEO, are standard features of our websites. All our websites are designed and developed in conjunction with the author’s input so that the author ends up with a website that meets their needs, and a website they are happy with.