Editing Services

Bradford House Publishing’s Editing Service is included in the Standard Print Publishing and the Professional Suite packages, and optional on the Entry Level package. While an author may decide not to have their manuscript edited, we always recommend it, because the market is so competitive that an author can be sure that those in competition with them would have received professional editing, thus not placing themselves at a disadvantage.

What you get with our editing services

Copy Editing

The book editing service focuses on:

  • Eliminating spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes
  • Improving sentence structure and word choice
  • Clear expression, with a particular focus on wordiness and awkward phrasing
  • Consistent language, spelling (British/Australian or American English) and style
  • Depending on the genre and audience, that tone, voice, and tense changes are sound


Our proofreading service is designed to be the final step in the pre-publication process, so that the manuscript is mistake-free and consistent in language and style. The real power of proofreading lies in its potential to perfect already good writing, and therefore works best as a compliment to copy editing. Proofreading is designed to:

  • Eliminate mistakes in spelling, punctuation, and grammar
  • Be consistent in format, style, and terminology

Manuscript Assessment

This service provides authors with professional advice on the progress of their book. The goal is to give clear, candid, and constructive feedback on its current state, and most importantly, actionable advice on how to make the book better. The evaluation involves the editor reading the manuscript and preparing a 3 page report outlining the manuscript’s strengths along with any areas requiring attention. Assessments typically cover:

  • Writing style for the genre
  • Whether sub-plots have been resolved
  • Whether characters are well developed and believable
  • Overall structure
  • Overall flow
  • What level of editing is required