Working with a Book Cover Designer

Choosing a Book Cover Designer

It is well known that cover designs have an impact on the potential reader. A great cover can mean the difference between whether the reader will go further and take the book from the shelf, or leave the book where it is and move on. The cover design is a key factor in piquing the reader’s interest, which can result in a sale. Authors want to sell their books, so it behoves them to invest in an experienced designer who knows what will and won’t work. What follows are some handy tips authors can use when choosing and working with a book cover designer.

Tip 1 – Do some research

An author in the romance genre mentioned to me that she searches the bestsellers list on Amazon in her genre. She looks at the cover designs and finds out what readers like to read. She then explained that she sends examples of the designs to her cover designer to give him ideas. She will also give him her input. Then she leaves it up to him to do the design. If it is your first time looking for a cover designer, check out their portfolio, and any reviews they may have received. Also, ask them about their industry experience – such as other authors and publishers they have done designs for.

Tip 2 – Set your aims, objectives, and goals

Your aim is that the cover designer provides you with a cover that pleases you, as well as a design you believe will attract readers to your book. If this is not the case after the designer has presented you with 3 draft designs, you may need to consider using another designer. Your objective is that the design attracts readers, so this also becomes your goal. It is imperative you look at the design objectively. Designs vary in cost, and as an author, you need to weigh up what you can afford, to get the design you want. Remember, scrimping on the design of your cover may cost you more ultimately.

Tip 3 – Let the designer know what you’re looking for

This does tie in with Tip 1. If you have some ideas about the cover design yourself, pass them onto the designer. Bounce ideas off the designer and they will bounce ideas off you as well. It is a good way of determining whether you are both on the same page. Always ask how many revisions or drafts you get for your money. Ask questions about colours, fonts, style and presentation. It’s going to be your design so best not to leave any stones unturned.

Tip 4 – Place your trust in the designer you have chosen

If you’ve done your research, had a chat with the designer, given them your input, and are happy with whom you’ve chosen, sit back and relax. Let the designer do their magic.


The cover design is what potential readers see first. If they like what they see, they will pick up the book, and read more. The result can be a sale. Choosing the right cover designer is critical to this process. Be willing to spend time researching cover designers, and the covers of bestselling books in the genre you write in. Let the designer know what you are looking for. Talk to the designer, and ensure you are both on the same page about the design you are looking for.